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Upper Dolpo Trek, About Upper Dolpo Trek, Trekking in Upper Dolpo, Guide for Upper Dolpo Trek

Upper Dolpo Trek 
Upper Dolpo is the home or  herbal land, unspoiled   trans-Himalayan culture, Buddhist monuments, unique human civilization at high   altitude is worth a visit. Trekking around the Dolpo region is an unforgettable   journey in every visitor's life to Observe different rain shadow landscapes with stunning mountain views, wild flowers and much more...With sweeping and   windswept high altitude desert vistas, Dolpo promises to mesmerize every trekker  who has the strength and courage to venture into this pocket of traditional  Tibetan culture. People of Dolpo must import grain, and yak caravan trade, in  the past bringing salt from Tibet and trading it for grains from midlands of  Nepal was the mainstay of life. The character and ordeal of this livelihood was  made famous by Eric Valli movie, Himalaya. Prior to Eric Valli’s movie and his  stunning photography book on Dolpo, first accounts of the Dolpo culture were  brought by notable scholars as Tibetologist David Snellgrave (Himalayan  Pilgrimage, 1961), anthropologist Christoph von F�rer-Haimendorf, who visited  Dolpo in 1962, naturalist and conservationist George Schaller, who ventured into  Dolpo in 1973 with naturalist-explorer Peter
Mattheissen, an author of a  touching account of their journey, a trip that became his own personal  pilgrimage, a true journey of the heart, titled, The Snow Leopard (1978).
 Day 01: Arrival at Kathmandu, transfer to hotel
Day 02: Kathmandu for preparation for permit
Day 03: Flight: Kathmandu - Nepalgunj, hotel
Day 04: Flight : Nepalgunj - Jumla, Trek camp
Day 05: Trek to Gothigaon, camp
Day 06: Trek to Naphukana, camp
Day 07: Trek to Mauria Lagna crossing - Balasa,
Day 08: Trek to Hurikot, camp
Day 09: Trek to Kagmara Phedi, camp
Day 10: Trek to Kagmara La Crossing - Pungmo,
Day 11: Trek to Phoksumdo Lake, camp
Day 12: Trek to Pine Trees, camp special permit
 Day 13: Trek to Gand La B.   C., C.special permit
Day 14: Trek to Shey, camp special permit
Day 15: Trek to Lagmo Che Phedi, camp special permit
Day 16: Trek to Kyung La Base camp special permit
Day 17: Trek to Tokkyu, camp special permit
 Day 18: Trek to Dho, camp special permit
 Day 19: Trek to Tharap Khola Camp
 Day 20: Trek to Tharap Khola Camp
Day 21: Trek toTarakot, camp
Day 22: Trek to Dunai, camp
Day 23: Trek toJuphal, camp
Day 24: Flight Juphal - Nepalgunj - Kathmandul
Itinerary: Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu
Day 02: Fly to Nepalgunja � hotel
Day 03: Nepalgunj � Juphal & trek to Dunai (35 minutes fly)
Day 04: Dunai to Sulighat (2660m)
Day 05: Sulighat - Chepka (3100m)
Day 06: Chepka � Bording School
Day 07: Boarding School to Ringmo (Phoksundo Lake 3728m)
Day 08: Reat day in Ringmo Phoksundo Lake
Day 09: Trek to Pine Trees, camp special permit
Day 10: Trek to Gand La B. C., C.special permit
Day 11: Trek to Shey, camp special permit
Day 12: Trek to Lagmo Che Phedi, camp special permit
Day 13: Trek to Kyung La Base camp special permit
Day 14: Trek to Tokkyu, camp special permit Day 15: Trek to Dho Tarap camp  special permit
Day 16: Dho Tarap � Malala Base camp
Day 17: Malala BC to pass � Cherka Base camp
Day 18: Cherka BC � Cherka village
Day 19: Cherka village � Saldang Village
Day 20: Saldang - Kharka
Day 21: Kharka to Sandha village
Day 22: Sandha village - Kagbeni
Day 23: Kagbeni � Jomsom
Day 24: Jomsom to Pokhara (820m)
Day 25: Drive to Kathmandu (6 hours drive)
Day 26: Free day in Kathmandu 
For more details pls contract: Tulasi Ram Paudel

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