Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Trekking equipments in Nepal

 Trekking equipments 

1-sleeping bag (dependent your trekking height and depend  the weather condition) (some lodges have blankets but not sure they will  provide for trekkers),
 2- 2 pairs of T-shirt, not vest/singlet (preferably fast  drying),
 3- Thin fleece 2nd T-shirt,
 4- 1 light waterproof + wind proof jacket,
5-2 pair of long trousers,
6- Several pairs of socks,
7-1 pair of walking boots,
8-1 pair of light sandal,
9- Pair of walking stick,
10- first Aid kit including First Aid Manual (medicines are not easy to get on the trails),
11-water bottle and iodine tablets,
12- Torch (flashlight) with pair batteries and bulbs,
13- Map and compass,
14- Phrase books,
15- Camera (with spare battery) with extra memory card,
16- Small notebooks,
17- Warm hat, scarf and gloves (wind proof),
18- Sunglasses and sun hat,
19- High protection sun cream,
20- Some interesting books,
21- Consider a down jackets and windproof trousers if
 trekking over 4000m and cramps
22. Rain coat(Panchu) 
23. Water proof bag cover. 
For more details ,contract: Tulasi Ram Paudel

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