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Gosaikunda Trek, About Gosaikunda Trek, Guide for Gosaikunda Trek, Lauribina pass Trek

Gosaikunda trek:Tour Destination: Chorkari  peak (5050m)/Lauribinayak pass
Duration: 15 days
 Activities: Cultural tour/  Trekking
Minimum altitude: 1400mMaximum altitude: 4600m
     Gosaikunda trek combines the remote and spectacular valley of Langtang, with the high mountain  lakes at Gosainkund. Visit the beautiful Langtang National park and then trek to  the end of the valley to view the wonderful mountains views. Following the   Trisuli River north out of Kathmandu, we travel through Trisuli Bazaar and   Dhunche to Syabrubensi, a Sherpa village located at the very edge of the   Langtang National Park. We then swing east into the Langtang valley, crossing   the river several times as we travel up along a gorge-like, lower section of the  valley. We pass through oak and rhododendron forests and even cross glacial   moraine on our way to the Tamang village of Langtang.
A little further up  the valley is Kyangin Gompa, where we stop overnight and sample the local yak  cheese. We pass through Nubamatang, nestled in a hidden valley, on our way up to  view the glaciers, which mark the gateway into Tibet. Backtracking, we travel  through Syabru and Sing Gompa to a   high plateau, where the sacred lake Gosainkund is located. Crossing the   Llaurebena Pass (4610m), we continue south, leaving the Langtang region behind us as we travel through the Helambu valley to Gul Bhanjyang.

(Please Note: If the Below schedule does not meet your need and interest, I can design individualized travel plans based on your preferences.)
Day 01:Kathmandu to Dhunche by local bus. The bus journey will take 8 to 9 hrs.Dhunche is the center of this area and has public offices and army camp.
You are heading north out of Kathmandu driving through scenic foothills and ridgeline vistas to Dhunche. While passing along the road on the bank of the TrishuliRiver you catch a glimpse of Ganesh Himal, terraces and green hills

Day 02: Dhunche to Singgompa (3300m)From Dhunch ,it is a steep climb through forests of oak, fir and rhododendron to the top of a ridge. From here it is only a short descent to Sing Gompa. There is a Buddhist monastery and a small cheese factory.

Day 03:. Sing Gompa to Gosaikund Lake(4320m)From here the path gently ascends the mountain flank with bare trees. After crossing the ridge . you will be going through a forest full of moss and fern. While you reach to Lauribinayak there is a spectacular views of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Ganesh Himal and Langtang Lirung. The best view point for entire trek. Crossing over the ridge of Saraswati Kund apper the first of several Lakes dedicated to different divinities. Gosaikund is the third lake, sacred place of Hindus and Buddhist.

Day 04: Rest day at Gosaikund Lake(4320m) and explore.It is one of the hindu holy place and is considerd to be made by Lord Shiva. The Buddhist Tamang that live nearby also revere it as their holy place. Every August on full moon nights lake is thronged with pilgrims for a big festival. On other days the lake sits in a tranquil atmosphere.

Day 05: Gosaikund to Ghopte(3300m)After crossing the Lauribinayak pass(4610m) trail descends through stone path and forest to reach Ghopte.

Day 06: Ghopte to Melamchi Goau(2560m)Descends from Gopte until you pass a cave and continue through forested area on the flank repeating small and ascends and descends. Where as you will reach to the top of rocky path , Kharka was surrounded by Rhododendrons , make a gentle ascends towards the ridge to reach to Tharepati village(3597m). from here, trail descends down hill through forest to reach Melamchigoau(2560m). it is worth lingering in a collection of neat houses with prayers flags infront and surrounded by orchards and fields.

Day 07: Melamchigoau to Tarkeghang (2500m)Trail drops down to cross Melamchi Khola . than climb all the way to opposite ridge of Tarkhegang which is exactly same altitude. This village is slightly larger and more commercial and its inhabitants are famous for selling Thangkas .

Day 08: Takheghang to Shermathang 2000mToday, you will visit Shermathang village and descends the ridge with a view to Melamchi bazaar. The path continues from the Gangjwal and goes around the valley and small stream. When a large valley stretches ahead. Pass above the hamlet with a Gompa. The path becomes a gentle ascent and leads to the pass below the crematory painted Chorten trek until to reach Cautara at the end of ridge. You are in Kakani.

Day 09: Shermathang to Kathmandu.With out climbing the hills, the trail goes through Dubhachaur and Kaphalgiri village ( crowded with thatched roof houses). Go through the pine forest path become like a steep ditch. Cross through the wooden bridge at Melamchi Khola you will reach to Melamchi bazaar. From Melamchi Bazar the bus ride will takes about 4hours to reach Kathmandu.

For more details ,contract: Tulasi Ram Paudel

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