Friday, June 7, 2013

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Why to hire Independent trek guide in Nepal?

Independent trek guide Tulasi in Dolpo-Dhorpatan trek

Hiring a guide or porter is a personal choice. Most people enjoy trekking without the weight of a full pack and prefer can offer. Others prefer the challenge and independence of going it alone.
There are three main categories: guides (who generally do not carry your gear),Porters (who generally don’t speak much  or any English) and porter-guides who will carry a bag but also help you find accommodation and find the trail. In some areas it’s also possible to hire horse, mules or yaks to carry your gear, depending on the altitude and / or the availability of fodder.
If you are traveling alone it’s always a good idea to employ someone to travel with you. A guide can be invaluable if you have an accident become ill or start to suffer from altitude sickness.
A good guide, will make your trek easier by keeping your foods order towards the top of the pile and speeding up the bill as busy hotel/lodges. They can also show your places of interest and short cuts you might otherwise have overlooked, as locals about trail conditions, give you an introduction to local culture and help you learn a bit of Nepali. An experienced trekking guide can help you arrange porters. In the late afternoon you can even send your guide racing ahead to reserve hotel room from you.
If Possible, hire guide through youself(Independent trek guide in Pokhara,Kathmandu), not off the street and choose one who can produce a trekking guide certificate and fully experiences on trekking field long time.
If you don’t fancy lugging your gear youself, or want the luxury of carrying an extra book, pair of shoes and some chocolate bars, a porters can make your trek physically more pleasant and also enrich your trip culturally. You should not feel bad about paying someone to carry your bags. 

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