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Tamang Hertage trek
Duration: 14 days
 Activities: Cultural tour/  Trekking 
Minimum altitude: 1400m
Maximum altitude: 4600m

This is a superb introduction to trekking in Nepal among some of the most beautiful scenery in the whole country, with rich tamang culture.
Many years ago Nepal, fought with Tibet for salt and some of the biggest areas where this war took place is in the Langtang Region of Nepal, wherein lies the third most popular trekking trail in Nepal. This area is connected to Tibet and the trails in this region were used by traders from Tibet bartering in Salt and mountain goats for meat (changra) with foodstuffs from the south.
Developed by the Tourism for Rural Poverty Alleviation Program, the "Tamang Heritage Trail" is the newly developed tourism product, off the beaten track, which highlights an ancient lifestyle combining it with picturesque scenery and healing baths in natural hot springs.
The people of this region are mostly Tibetans who came from Kerung in Tibet across the border and settled in Nepal. In earlier days, the citizenship of Nepal would not be offered to real Tibetans, so they changed their ethnicity to Tamang, which is what they still write till date. The cultural and traditions of these people are similar to the Tibetan across the border.
This trekking destination is just a day long bus journey from the capital, Kathmandu. The 13-day trekking tour provides varieties of experience. Tamang rituals, Tibetan culture, festivals, traditional architecture, costumes, local Syabru dances make the exposure to this culture very unique. There is a view point at Goljung Pass, from where views of Langtang and Kerung (Tibet) can be awe inspiring. Visitors will get an opportunity to observe Syabru, Mane and other local dances at Goljung and Gatlang VDCs. The villages also sell exclusive handicraft items like traditional caps, mufflers and other items.
Tourists can enjoy hot bath in the healing hot-water spring at Tatopani before reaching Nagthali, where the stay is a unique experience. The ancient monasteries and houses adorned with rich wood engravings at Thuman is an unforgettable experience.
At Briddim one gets to experience the famous Tamang hospitality, where there is home stay facility in 24 houses. After the Tamang heritage trail we will head towards the Langtang.Langtang is a narrow valley situated 75 kms north of Kathmandu close to the Tibetan border.Last but not the least combining the Tamang heritage trails with the Langtang would be one of the best trails in Nepal like the Annapurna circuit or the Everest Base Camp.

General Itinerary:

(Please Note: If the Below schedule does not meet your need and interest, I can design individualized travel plans based on your preferences.)
Day 01 : Drive from Kathmandu to Syabru besi ( 10-11 hours) and overnight in tea house.
Day 02 : Syabru besi trek to Gatlang (5 hrs) and overnight in community lodge
Day 03 : Gatlang trek to Tatopani (6-7 hrs) and overnight in community lodge.
Day 04 : Tatopani trek to Thuman (6 hrs) and overnight in community lodge
Day 05:  Thuman  trek to Timure ( excursion to Rasuwagadhi)  (6-7 hrs O/N in community lodge)
Day 06 : Thuman trek to Briddim (6 hrs) and overnight in local home.
Day 07 : Briddim trek to Lamahotel (6 hrs) and overnight in teahouse
Day 08 : Lamahotel trek to Langtang (6hrs) and overnight in teahouse
Day 09 : Langtang trek to Kanjin (4 hrs) and overnight in teahouse
Day 10 : Kanjin rest day and hike to Langsisa Kharka or Glacier langtang –lirung or hike to Tsherko ri (5000M)
Day 11 : Kanjin trek to Lama hotel (6 hours)
Day 12 : Lama hotel trek to Thulosyabru (5-6 hours)
Day 13 : Thulosyabru trek to Dhunche 5 hours
Day 14 : Dhunche drive to Kathmandu (6-7 hours)

For more details ,contract: Tulasi Ram Paudel

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